Opportunities in Biological Assets

Tropical timberland

High value timber production in Latin America


Conifer, beech and oak in East Europe

Dry Fruit

Dry fruit production in Southern Europe

Tropical Timberland

High value timber production in Latin America

  • Teak is native tree species in India. Contrary to many other precious and high value timbers, it can be successfully managed in industrial plantations
  • Teak offers higher returns to investor than any other tree species
  • In greenfield ventures with limited holding period the profitability is largely based on capital appreciation
  • Genuine value increase from the biological growth of the trees and land value appreciation
  • Advanced genetics and production technologies available
    Biological life-cycle of a teak plantation is 20-25 years
  • Wood markets: India, China, Vietnam
  • The project concept be replicated in different geographies

Sustainable forestry

Conifer, beech and oak in East Europe

  • Romania is one of the few countries in Europe where vast tracks of commercial timberlands are owned by a handfull of owners
  • Consolidated timberland ownership is a result of land restitution process that initiated in Romania some 10 years ago
  • Significant economies of scale can be achieved in Romania
  • Dealflow immediately available
  • In Romania the wood market is dynamic; wood demand is increasing and wood prices are gradually converging towards Western European level
  • Brownfield venture

Dry fruit orchard

Dry fruit (nuts) production in Southern Europe

  • Nuts are currently cultivated especially in California and Spain
  • Very attractive market outlook: global consumption is increasing, as nuts are considered as healthy products
  • Nuts are non-persihed fruit which enables simple logistics in comparison to the challenges of fresh fruit business
  • Medium term investment; distributions can be paid out usually after ~5 years since project inception
  • Substantial capital appreciation and genuine value increase from the fastly maturing orchard and land value appreciation
  • Dividend opportunities from annual sale of the nut crop
  • Advanced technologies available in genetics, irrigation and production systems
  • The project concept can be replicated in different geographies
  • Predominantly greenfield venture