Embedded in Heritage of Trust


The story of the Wyssen enterprise dates back in 1926 when Jakob Wyssen started his forest logging and sawmill business in Switzerland. Challenged by the mountain conditions, he invented the skyline crane – a cable based system for timber and material transport. Serial production of the skyline equipment started in the early 1940’s. Currently Wyssen is a family owned company with international businesses in skyline solutions, avalanche control technology and now also services to the financial sector.

Wyssen Seilbahnen AG

Wyssen Seilbahnen Ltd has been developing and manufacturing cable based timber and material transport solutions for challenging conditions for nearly 100 year now. With the invention of the cable crane in 1939, a new era was heralded in the management of mountain forests. Currently Wyssen is market leader in the sector and its products are sold worldwide in more than 60 countries, both for forestry, construction and civil engineering applications. The company is continuously setting new standards in modern cable crane manufacturing thanks to continuous engineering and development work that takes place in company’s headquarters in Switzerland.

Wyssen Avalanche Control AG

The avalanche control solutions developed in year 2000 is the most reliable and effective remote avalanche control system in the market. In short time Wyssen has become the market leader in avalanche control services in Switzerland, Austria and in Norway. Lately innovative new products are being developed to complete the needs in avalanche control (e.g. avalanche radars, infrasound detection, avalanche control services). The company implements the state-of-the-art technology and services for the safety of the community.

Wyssen Biological Assets Ltd

Wyssen is now engaged also with the financial sector. The mission on the Wyssen Biological Assets Ltd is to offer profitable and sustainable alternative investment opportunities to family offices and institutional investors on separate account basis. State-of-the-art technical solutions are specific to each project and they are implemented to enhance the biological yields, cost effectiveness and value creation, while at the same time safeguarding the sustainability, biodiversity and other environmental values.